A steward is a one responsible for the safekeeping and management of that which belongs to another. 

Orthodox Christian Stewardship is a way of life that acknowledges our responsibility before God. A primary goal of Stewardship is to promote our spiritual growth and strengthen our faith. We become Stewards when we believe in God and begin to act on our beliefs.

As Orthodox Christians, we affirm that every aspect of our lives comes as a gift from Him. By our faith, we are called to cheerfully offer back to God a portion of the gifts with which we have been blessed.

Parishioners are called to a new way of seeing things – a new way of life – with words that echo the greatest commandment to “love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength,” calling others to commit their lives to Jesus Christ in such a way that leads to the joy of knowing Him personally and profoundly.

An Orthodox Christian Steward is an active participant in the life of the Church. The parish encourages all who accept the Orthodox Faith to
become practicing Stewards. Each year the Steward is expected to carefully review his or her personal circumstances and make a commitment of time, talent, and treasure to support the Parish and her Ministries, which in turn support the National Ministries of our Archdiocese, Metropolises, Theological School and related institutions.

This commitment is expressed in the submission of an annual Stewardship Pledge.  On this, please see our stewardship pledge page.