Welcome to our Stewardship Pledge page. To make a Stewardship Pledge today, please view the Stewardship Pledge Form and return it to our Church office at your convenience. For more information about Stewardship Pledges, please read our Frequently Asked Questions below. Thank you for your contribution!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the parish?

Membership in the Orthodox Church begins at baptism (Chrismation for some) and continues throughout our life. It is based on faith and sacramental participation.  We are united with Christ through the sacraments, or mysteries, of the Church and through our faithful offering of our entire selves to Jesus Christ.  There is no fee or payment required to be a member of the Church! 

However, our Archdiocese requires each parish to identify parishioners in financial good standing.  A voting member of the parish is over 18 years of age and turns in a signed stewardship commitment card annually, committing a portion of time, talent and treasure to the Church. The Archdiocese also requires the voting member to remain current through the year on their commitments. Keep in mind that true membership in the Body of Christ involves living according to His Word and within His Church, and this includes supporting the Church as we are able as good stewards of the Gift entrusted to us!

Who makes a stewardship pledge?

The Stewardship Pledge Commitment is completed as an individual or as a family and may include:

  • A husband and wife with or without dependent(s) under 18 years of age.
  • A single adult over 18 years of age should make his or her own commitment.
  • Family membership allows each Orthodox spouse voting privileges in parish matters (Parish Assemblies and Parish Council elections).

How much must I pledge, and why must I commit to give a specific amount?

There are no minimum (or maximum!) amounts required for your pledge.  There are no "dues."  Yet we need to compile pledge amounts to help us plan our budget for the year. Being specific also determines if you have fulfilled your commitment.  Our pledge form does suggest certain amounts to help us meet our budgeted goals, but these are only suggestions.

Please keep in mind that your stewardship of money is kept in the strictest of confidence.  Other parishioners will not know how much you have pledged, only that you did and if you completed your commitment.

When is the stewardship pledge effective?

Pledges made are effective from January through December of the Pledge year.

What if I cannot fulfill my stewardship commitment?

During the course of a year, people’s circumstances change. Your stewardship is valued because it is made out of your love for God and His Church. If you feel you must change or adjust your pledge you may do so by informing our pastor, Father David Bissias, to maintain your good standing in the Church.  Alternatively, you may notify the Parish Council President who will inform our parish priest.

Can I remit my pledge online or electronically?

Yes.  You can remit (pay) your pledge online through Tithe.ly by clicking HERE

We do ask that you also submit your pledge form, even if using online payments.