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Syllabus and Session Outlines


Seminar 1 Course Syllabus Includes Schedule (Jan.--March) and Session 1 Outline

Seminar 1, Session 2 (Roots & Flowering) Include Liturgical Families Chart
Seminar 1, Session 3: Mystery of Christ Includes link to online version of Schmemann's For the Life of the World (classic text)
Seminar 1, Session 4: Sanctification of Life
Seminar 1, Session 5: Sanctification of Life II (Death)
Seminar 1, Session 6: Sanctification of Time (See chart included on second page)

Readings and Links of Interest


Seminar 1: Introduction to Orthodox Worship and Liturgy


Basic Reading: For the Life of the World  By Fr. Alexander Schmemann, perhaps the most influential Orthodox liturgiologist of the 20th century, this an online version of text that became classic when written.  Composed as lectures (except for the important appendices) for college students in the 1960s, it remains THE basic primer for sacrmantal theology and has been deeply influential.  If you don't understand some of his references to older writers of Western theology and philosophy, don't worry--his reference is there only to show a contrast that is easily comprehensible.

Archdiocesan Website Liturgy Library Numerous resources (especially texts of services) providing general introductions to subjects.


Link to Liturgica.com Eastern Orthodox page Links in right column valuable, especially for Jewish antecedents and Early Christian worship.


Advanced Reading Session 1: Logiki Latreia (PDF) Daniel Galazda, "LogikÄ“ latreia (Romans 12:1) as a Definition of Liturgy"·


Advanced Reading Session 1: Pietism as Heresy (PDF)  Christos Yannaras, "Pietism as an Ecclesiological Heresy" (Chapter 8 of The Freedom of Morality); note that the pages of the original publication are inserted into the main text.


Moderate Reading Session 5: Death in Byzantium Fr. Maximos Constas' excellent portrayal of ancient attitudes and practices in Byzantine times.


Moderate Reading Session 5: Perspective on Funeral Although long, the last sections are an excellent consideration of contemporary concerns.  "Thematology" in the article refers to the use of the various themes related to death and resurrection in their liturgical contexts.


Moderate Reading Session 6: Daily Office This article by Stefanos Alexopoulos is a good resource on the development of the Daily Office.
















Digital Chant Stand is an excellent resource for liturgical texts.

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