Outreach Ministries

Distinct from parish ministries of a liturgical nature, administration, or personal pastoral care, Outreach Ministries seek to strengthen those already within the Church, to reach out to those beyond the Church and those who have lapsed from their commitment to the Church.  Our goal is for all our parishioners to partake and participate in the Lord's ministry through our various programs described below.


Outreach Ministries Committee

The Outreach Ministries Committee is a group of parishioners appointed by and working with the Parish Priest for

  • the development of ministry programming;
  • oversight of current programs, groups and activites for integration of efforts, schedule coordination, resource procurement and parish-wide communications; 
  • and for assisting in the strategic planning of the Parish.

For examples of our 2017 Outreach Ministries please click Saint Demetrios Outreach Ministries: A Year in Review to read.

The Outreach Ministries Committee consists of the following ministry positions (bold and underlined).  In addition to other responsibilities, several committee members oversee, assist and facilitate the work of other ministry leaders throughout the Parish.  These additional leaders are indented.

Parish Priest:  Father David Bissias

Outreach Ministries Committee Coordinator: Helen Andreatos

        Transformations Monthly Magazine Editor: Tina Yarovsky

        Greeters/Hostesses Teams Coordinator: Jean Morfas

        Saint Demetrios Bookstore Manager: Susan Ramsey-Smith

Parish Life Ministry Area Coordinator:  Carole Yarovsky

Religious Education Ministry Area Coordinator

        A.R.E. You Ready? Adult Religious Education Program:

        Searching the Scriptures Bible Study Coordinator:

        Orthodox Mentors:

Missions Outreach Ministry Area Coordinator:  Bill Delis

        IOCC Parish Liaison:

        OCMC Parish Liaison:

Community Outreach Ministry Area Coordinator:  Susan Ramsey-Smith

        Food Pantry Manager: Mary Zmuda

        (Seasonal Philanthropic Drives Chairpersons)

        Soup Kitchen ("Manna Over Hammond") Coordinator: Ann "Becky" Korellis

Youth & Young Adult Ministry Area Coordinator: Andrea Tsakopoulos

        Church School Coordinator: Kathy Vrehas

        College Crew: Helen Andreatos

        GOYA Advisor: Mia Delis

        HOPE/JOY Coordinator: Zoe Ramos

        Athletic Director: Bill Delis